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ETS understands the ever-increasing demand for valid student learning outcomes, accountability to multiple stakeholders and proof of student learning. That's why ETS is leading the way with an array of tools and new product and service enhancements developed to provide reliable metrics you can trust to guide your institution's success.

Our programs provide actionable data to help you ensure your students are learning and succeeding. Plus, with the new enhancements, our products and services can help you motivate students to perform well and securely test student learning outcomes in a variety of environments. As a result, students can be confident that they are developing the skills they need, and you have the high-quality data you need to:

  • support accreditation
  • drive strategic planning
  • demonstrate institution effectiveness
  • improve curriculum
  • improve retention and graduation rates

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Inform Placement Decisions and Improve Student Retention

SuccessNavigator® Assessment
The SuccessNavigator assessment can help you improve student retention and success. This early warning tool helps you identify and help at-risk students. It is specially designed to measure proven predictors of college success:

  • Academic Skills
  • Commitment
  • Self-Management
  • Social Support

The SuccessNavigator assessment delivers instant, easy-to-understand feedback reports. These reports provide a practical action plan tailored to each incoming student so you can recommend courses and action that will unlock their full potential.

Measure and Demonstrate Core Skills with Confidence

ETS® Proficiency Profile
Your students need to be proficient in critical thinking, reading, writing and mathematics. The ETS Proficiency Profile is a general education outcomes assessment that measures these four valuable skills in a single, convenient test. This valid, reliable assessment can help you meet accreditation and accountability, gauge program effectiveness, and evaluate and inform teaching and learning with:

  • robust actionable data reports
  • performance-level certificates to help motivate students to perform their best
  • multiple testing options, including on-campus and off-campus testing
  • comparative data on more than 550,000 students nationwide

With the ETS Proficiency Profile, you get the hard evidence you need to make important decisions.

Prove — and Improve — the Effectiveness of your Program

ETS® Major Field Tests
The ETS Major Field Tests are innovative undergraduate and MBA outcomes assessments designed to measure the basic knowledge and understanding achieved by students in a major field of study. Testing is available online and in paper-and-pencil format. Independently and consistently track and evaluate students' subject mastery with:

  • actionable data at individual, local and national levels
  • assessments in more than a dozen undergraduate fields of study and for MBA programs
  • content developed through a rigorous process

All Major Field Tests are easy to administer and use. The multiple testing formats and convenient administration options, including on- and off-campus testing on select titles, make it easier for you to get the accurate data you need for your institution.

Measure Critical Thinking in a Digital Environment

iSkills™ Assessment
Measure skills essential for 21st-century success. The iSkills assessment helps ensure your students' readiness to succeed by measuring their ability to navigate, understand and critically evaluate the variety of information available through digital technology. The iSkills assessment is the only test of its kind that:

  • is entirely scenario-based
  • is interactive — to answer our scenario-based tasks, the test taker must actually use technology and digital skills
  • provides performance-level certificates to help motivate students to perform their best
  • offers multiple testing options, including on-campus and off-campus testing
  • provides easy-to-access, in-depth data from actionable score reports with real, tangible value

With the iSkills assessment you get the advantage of a reliable assessment backed by extensive validity research — from ETS as well as independent researchers.

Survey Students on Course Effectiveness

SIR II™ Report (Student Instructional Report)
The SIR II course evaluation survey objectively captures students' perceptions of their higher education learning experiences. It helps postsecondary schools assess the quality of instruction, reward teaching excellence and strengthen academic programs. It is available online, via ETS, and in paper-and-pencil format. The e-SIR version is designed specifically for distance-learning courses.

Provide Detailed Diagnostic Writing Feedback

Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation Service
The Criterion service is a web-based application that evaluates a student's writing skills and, within seconds, provides diagnostic feedback and a holistic score. Students use the Criterion service to plan, write and revise essays using free online planning templates and writer's handbooks.

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