Idioms in English

Communicate Better in English

When you don't understand phrases like "think out of the box" or "make waves," you can miss the point of a story.

Idioms in English, powered by®, covers 100 idioms and provides more than 200 web-based, interactive lessons that help you use and understand common, everyday idiomatic expressions. It includes:

  • idioms used in context, featuring four native speakers of English
  • definitions, examples and pronunciation notes for each idiom
  • interactive dictation exercises with immediate feedback
  • a final interactive quiz with instant scoring on all 100 idioms
  • text translations in Korean, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese

Volumes One and Two for Idioms in English:

  • Improve vocabulary, pronunciation and listening comprehension
  • Feature streaming audio and immediate feedback on answers

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