Requirements for Public Schools

To use the ETSĀ® Internet Delivery of Scores service, schools need the following:

  • An Internet browser.
  • An email address. This can be an address used by a single person, or it can be a mailbox accessed by multiple users. You just need a valid email where notifications can be sent.
  • PGP encryption software. This software ensures that data is securely transmitted between your school and ETS. In order to use PGP, each school must provide ETS with a 1024-bit RSA public key*, which is used to encrypt files.
    • If you already have PGP software, please be sure it is version 2.6.2 or higher. These versions have the ability to create the 1024-bit RSA key that you'll need to send to ETS.
    • If you plan to use PGP on a mainframe, you'll need to buy PGP for MVS. Call
      1-800-338-8754 for ordering information.
  • Translation software for schools receiving files in EDI format. Translation software to convert scores from an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) format to a flat file or other format is needed for schools requesting EDI files. EDI users also need the Transaction Set (TS) 138 Implementation Guide specifically developed for the testing program.

*The RSA key and PGP encryption software simply refer to the technology used to create secure information transfers across the Internet. Check with your school's IT department to see if your school's software meets these requirements.