Getting Started

How Can My School Participate in the ETSĀ® Internet Delivery of Scores Service?

Schools are invited by mail to participate in the service. The mailings explain Internet Delivery of Scores and announce when the service is available. (Implementation dates vary for each testing program.)

Schools that respond to the invitation are sent detailed instructions on how to subscribe to and use the service. Once the school is approved by the testing program to participate in Internet Delivery of Scores, protocols for exchange of information are established.

How Does the Internet Delivery of Scores Service Work?

This service uses an anonymous delivery system, which transmits school data to an ETS server. Once data is posted, the school is automatically notified by email that scores are available. The email contains a link for retrieving scores that is accessed using a web browser. School representatives can then save the file to their system and process the data as desired. Automated score pickup is also available, allowing for hands-free delivery.

Note: Since every school's setup is unique, ETS can't provide the automation process, but will actively participate in any additional testing required by the school.