Off-Campus Testing: For Test Takers

By taking the iSkills™ assessment, you enable your institution to get the data it needs to meet information literacy and digital fluency requirements for accreditation and accountability initiatives — ensuring that you and future students earn the highest-quality degree. Institutions use the iSkills assessment to assess a student’s ability to think critically in a digital environment through a range of real-world tasks. That data from the assessment is used to demonstrate program effectiveness, enhance and develop curriculum, and evaluate student performance.

If your program has identified you as a candidate to take the iSkills assessment off-campus using a remote proctoring service, you will find important information here. Testing off campus allows you to test remotely in your home or another convenient location with Internet access and a webcam.

Follow the instructions in the email you received to schedule your appointment with the remote proctoring service. Please make sure you follow the instructions and timelines carefully.

Once your testing appointment is scheduled, be sure to review the following pages to ensure that you have everything you need and are properly prepared for test day: