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The Building Better Students Conference

ETS continues to work toward ensuring that the skills taught in schools match those that employers need to remain competitive in today's global economy.

Despite the increase in educational research and the work being done by dedicated educators, the United States continues to fall behind in educational attainment and competency. If we are to remain a leader in developing a skilled labor force to compete in the global economy, steps must be taken to ensure high school students are prepared to succeed in college, at work and in life. Achieving this objective requires a focused dialogue among the nation's college and job readiness researchers, policymakers and educators with the specific goal of finding ways to create an educational system that "builds better students." Read about how ETS responded to this need.

ETS Assessment Products

NEW! The WorkFORCE® Assessment for Job Fit >

The WorkFORCE® Assessment for Job Fit measures six behavioral predictor composites associated with critical drivers of job success:

  • Initiative & Perseverance
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork & Citizenship
  • Customer Service Orientation
  • Problem Solving & Ingenuity
  • Flexibility & Resilience

These predictor composites are tailored to the type of job you are recruiting for and the behavioral skills needed to perform successfully in that job. A 20–25-minute, web-based assessment providing a global selection index to make critical preselection and selection decisions, is what every employer needs to identify the candidates most likely to succeed in their organization.

Currently, ETS is conducting a worldwide research study to support the validity of WorkFORCE assessment scores in predicting job performance.

ETS® Personal Potential Index (ETS® PPI)

In 2009, ETS introduced its first assessment of noncognitive skills. An innovative, web-based advisor reporting system, the ETS® Personal Potential Index (ETS® PPI), allows evaluators to rate graduate school applicants on six key attributes that graduate deans and faculty have identified as essential for graduate study:

  • knowledge and creativity
  • resilience
  • communication skills
  • planning and organization
  • teamwork
  • ethics and integrity

The TOEIC® Tests

The TOEIC® tests measure all four English-language skills that are relevant to the global job market — Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing — with test questions that simulate real-life business situations. Score reports provide accurate, meaningful feedback about a test-taker's strengths and weaknesses, along with a description of the English-language strengths typical of test takers performing at various score levels.

This allows employers to:

  • Relate test scores to the tasks employees may perform on the job
  • Use the descriptions to inform critical hiring and placement decisions
  • Select the employee with the English-language abilities the job requires

Today TOEIC test scores are used by nearly 14,000 companies, government agencies and English Language Learning programs in 150 countries worldwide.

The TOEIC Bridge™ Test

The TOEIC Bridge™ test, designed for beginning to intermediate learners, measures English-language listening and reading comprehension skills used in an international environment. Language schools, colleges, universities, corporations and government agencies worldwide use the TOEIC Bridge test to assess English-language proficiency.

The Praxis® Tests

The Praxis® tests measure teacher candidates' knowledge and skills. These tests are used for licensing and certification processes and include:

  • Praxis® Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) measure basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics. In addition to licensure, these tests are often used to qualify candidates for entry into a teacher education program.
  • Praxis® Subject Assessments measure subject-specific content knowledge, as well as general and subject-specific teaching skills, that you need for beginning teaching.

Each state and licensing organization determines its own certification and Praxis passing score requirements.

Promotional Links

WorkFORCE® Assessments

Recruit and develop employees with confidence. Measure key skills that predict workplace success.

TOEIC® Tests

Determine who has the English-language skills to succeed in the global workplace.

HiSET® Exam

Providing the first step toward career advancement by earning a high school equivalency credential.