Building Better Students: Preparation for Life After High School

The ETS staff planned and held a mini-conference in 2010 — Building Better Students: Preparation for Life After High School. The purpose of this conference was to address college, job and life readiness issues from both policy and research perspectives. ETS invited experts, thought leaders and policy figures from a diverse set of fields to identify and assess key college and job readiness skills. At this conference, world-renowned researchers and policymakers candidly discussed how we, as a nation, can best build better students through four key educational areas:

  • teachers and the curriculum
  • programmatic interventions
  • selection and assessment
  • policy

Each presentation has been posted to the Building Better Students conference website and plans for further dissemination include a published book. The planning efforts for this conference and the forthcoming book will allow ETS to approach expanding job readiness research from a prepared and knowledgeable perspective.