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Research Activities

The Importance of Research

A body of literature has demonstrated the importance of cognitive and noncognitive skills on the job. From a policy perspective, two major reports point to the importance of research in the area of workplace readiness:

  • Are They Really Ready to Work?, a 2006 survey and report, conducted by The Conference Board® and The Society for Human Resource Management®, that demonstrates the great value that businesses place on noncognitive skills
  • America's Perfect Storm, a widely cited ETS report that warns, "If we continue on our present heading and fail to take effective action, the storm will have a number of predictable and dire implications for future generations, with consequences that extend well beyond the economic realm to the ethos of our society"1

Projects and Activities

ETS has initiated numerous research projects and activities targeting the labor market and job readiness issues, collaborating with the business community, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. Each of these initiatives focuses on developing more effective tools to strengthen the labor pool. Innovative and sometimes groundbreaking methods that have the potential to impact areas including selection, training and coaching have been used.

ETS Publications

ETS's renowned team of researchers has produced a number of books and articles on subjects including how noncognitive skills relate to achievement and assessment development that have advanced findings in the field of job readiness.

ETS Presentations

ETS researchers have appeared at many national and international conferences, meetings and workshops where they have shared their expertise on 21st century skills and job readiness issues.

Additional Resources

These organizations and their websites can provide further information on the labor market and job readiness topics.

Academy of Management

Department of Labor

Occupational Information Network (O*NET)

Society for Industrial and Organization Psychology, Inc. (SIOP)

1 Kirsch, I., Braun, H., Yamamoto, K., & Sum, A. (2007). America's Perfect Storm: Three Forces Changing Our Nation's Future, p. 7.

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