Potential Solutions to Critical Challenges

ETS understands that introducing new technologies in a consortium's assessment system will likely bring new challenges. For example, a school's network and bandwidth limitations can impede implementation of computer-based testing (CBT), although some companies — including our subsidiary Computerized Assessments and Learning, LLC — have developed ways to deliver uninterrupted testing regardless of school network capacity.

We also envision more challenges, both expected and unexpected, will emerge as the consortia roll out their assessment systems, make continuous adjustments and consider the latest research and data over the next three years. Because of the nature of this ambitious undertaking, a variety of experts and stakeholders should share some of their best ideas on the work ahead in assessment. The K–12 Center at ETS, led by ETS Distinguished Presidential Scholar and Executive Director Pascal (Pat) D. Forgione Jr., can help consortia in this regard by anticipating critical measurement challenges, disseminating the best thinking on issues and potential solutions, and engaging national and state constituents in order to promote advances in design and technical quality. ETS formed the K–12 Center in 2009 to serve as a neutral catalyst for advances in K–12 assessment as part of our larger nonprofit mission.


Technology-enhanced Assessments

Technology-enhanced AssessmentsETS works closely with states and the consortia to bring technological innovations to K–12 assessment.

Resources on Consortia

The K–12 Center at ETS offers a variety of resources on the assessment consortia, including summaries of their designs and future plans, videos and presentations.


NAEP and ETSETS has assisted the NAEP program in introducing numerous psychometric and assessment design innovations over the years.

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