Mar 6, 2014
ETS's Yvette Donado Delivers 2014 Tomás Rivera Lecture
Feb 10, 2014
ETS Launches New Version 13.1 of its Award-Winning Criterion® Online Writing Evaluation for Successful Writing Practice
Feb 7, 2014
ETS Researchers Connect Games and Assessment in "Manual" For Designers
Feb 5, 2014
ETS Introduces New Electronic Badges for Student Learning Outcome Assessments
Jan 28, 2014
ETS Launches Pilot Program for High-Quality Teacher Candidate Assessment
Jan 28, 2014
ETS's Yvette Donado Addresses Opening of 45th Anniversary Conference of the National Urban Fellows
Jan 23, 2014
ETS Invests in University of Pennsylvania's New Center For Minority-Serving Institutions
Dec 18, 2013
That's 10: New Jersey is 10th State to Approve ETS's HiSET® Program for High School Equivalency
Dec 12, 2013
HISPA Role Model Program Inspires Students to Attend College
Nov 20, 2013
ETS President Kurt Landgraf Featured Speaker at Rothman Institute
Nov 19, 2013
ETS Shares Vision for Next-Generation English Language Proficiency Assessments
Nov 18, 2013
Half Dozen States using ETS's HiSET® for High School Equivalency
Nov 14, 2013
National Urban League Honors ETS President Kurt Landgraf
Nov 8, 2013
Becoming a Multilingual Nation: The Challenge and the Promise
Nov 7, 2013
ETS Experts Lead Assessment Research Behind GlassLab's Educational Games
Nov 6, 2013
Last Chance for Students to Make their 'Future Unlimited' with Australian Education
Oct 30, 2013
Wyoming Approves ETS's HiSET® Program for High School Equivalency
Oct 29, 2013
ETS Develops New Technology for Visually Impaired Students
Oct 28, 2013
Nevada Approves ETS’s HiSET® Program for High School Equivalency
Oct 9, 2013
ETS Publishes Best Practices for Developing English-Language Proficiency Assessments for International Test Takers
Oct 7, 2013
Maine Chooses ETS's HiSET™ for High School Equivalency
Oct 2, 2013
Iowa is the Fifth State to Choose ETS's HiSET
Oct 2, 2013
Educational Testing Service Earns Spot on the 2013 InformationWeek 500 List of Top Technology Innovators in the U.S.
Sep 24, 2013
Usefulness of Value-Added Models for Gauging Teacher Effectiveness Questioned
Sep 24, 2013
Introduction of SuccessNavigator™ Assessment Gains Immediate Approval
Sep 19, 2013
ETS Offers New Options to Assess Learning Outcomes of Remote Students
Sep 16, 2013
University of Texas Chancellor Profiles Plan to Expand Educational and Health Opportunities in South Texas and Rio Grande Valley
Sep 9, 2013
Experts Hold Research Roundtable on College Admission Policies and Role of Race-Neutral Methods for Producing Campus Diversity
Aug 29, 2013
Walt MacDonald Named Next President and CEO of Educational Testing Service
Aug 28, 2013
New ISA-Partner School Opens its Doors in Cambria Heights
Aug 14, 2013
Missouri Joins Growing List of States Choosing HiSET™ As Alternative for the GED® Test
Jul 24, 2013
Survey Shows New Innovations in ETS's Outcomes Assessments are Driving Record Satisfaction Levels
Jul 24, 2013
ETS Report Warns of Child Poverty and its Consequences
Jul 8, 2013
ETS Launches Informational Website for the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators® (GACE®) Program
Jun 27, 2013
30 New Jersey Students Awarded College Scholarships by ETS
Jun 26, 2013
Tennessee Joins Growing List of States Choosing HiSET™ As Alternative for the GED® Test
Jun 24, 2013
ETS-CDF Symposium Focuses on Creating Opportunities for Black Male Teens to Succeed in High School
Jun 18, 2013
ETS Redefines Student Learning Outcomes Assessments Through New Certificates
Jun 17, 2013
ETS Showcases Latest Advancements and Research on Technology-Enhanced Assessments at CCSSO Conference
Jun 13, 2013
Talented Trenton High School Grad Awarded ETS Scholarship
Jun 6, 2013
Inadequate Data Conceal Educational Disparities For Asian American and Pacific Islander Students
Jun 6, 2013
ETS Developing National Pre-Service Assessment for Teacher Candidates
May 30, 2013
ETS Executive to Address HR Conference in Spain
May 23, 2013
ETS Creates New Center for Advocacy and Philanthropy
May 20, 2013
New Studies Look at Efforts to Improve Teaching Through Teacher Evaluation
May 20, 2013
ETS Launches the SuccessNavigator™ Assessment to Improve Student Success and Retention Rates at Colleges Nationwide
May 14, 2013
ETS’s Chief Diversity Officer Offers Penn State Commencement Address
May 9, 2013
ETS President Kurt Landgraf Honored by Education Law Center
May 9, 2013
Alina von Davier Honored at 2013 American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting
May 2, 2013
ETS Launches Microsite Devoted to the Value of Higher Education
May 1, 2013
ETS Experts to Address Combined Prepárte/A Dream Deferred Conferences
Apr 16, 2013
ETS Developing New Customized Assessment for Missouri Teacher Candidates
Apr 15, 2013
Michael Nettles Addresses Release of Report and Action Plan to Narrow Education Funding Disparities
Apr 15, 2013
New Hampshire Joins Growing List of States Choosing HiSET™ Program to Replace the GED® Test
Apr 10, 2013
Yvette Donado to Keynote Latinos and the Future of Higher Education Conference
Mar 28, 2013
Hispanic Scholars Awarded for Doctoral Dissertations
Mar 26, 2013
Montana Chooses ETS's HiSET™ to Replace the GED Test
Mar 20, 2013
ETS's HiSET™ Test Offers Affordable, Accessible High School Equivalency Assessment
Mar 18, 2013
ETS Seeking Volunteers for Research Study on Writing
Mar 14, 2013
U.S. Dept. of Education Awards ETS Contracts for the Nation's Report Card
Mar 4, 2013
Judging Teachers Based on Student Test Scores Topic of ETS's 14th Angoff Memorial Lecture
Feb 21, 2013
New Jersey Public High School Seniors Eligible for ETS Scholarships
Feb 15, 2013
ETS, National Urban League to Discuss Impact of Common Core State Standards on Underserved Communities
Feb 11, 2013
Experts Gather to Discuss Improving the Life Course of Black Boys and Men
Jan 29, 2013
Donado Selected as One of Top Five Latina Executives of the Year
Jan 28, 2013
ETS Creates New Center for Advanced Psychometrics
Oct 2, 2012
Rhetoric and Reality in International Large-Scale Assessment
Jun 21, 2012
Trenton High School Valedictorian Awarded Full College Scholarship
Jun 14, 2012
Thirteen San Antonio Students Awarded Scholarships
Mar 9, 2012
Study: Only 1 in 3 Latino College Students Earn a Degree
Feb 2, 2012
San Antonio Public High School Seniors Eligible for ETS Scholarships
Jan 19, 2012
ETS and StraighterLine™ Broaden Access to Student Data Through "MyData Button" Initiative

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