Programs and Services

Backed by more than 60 years of research, ETS programs and services help K–12 educators:

  • monitor and measure student achievement
  • meet federal and state accountability requirements
  • achieve educational goals for their schools, teachers and students

Areas of focus include:

Custom Assessments and Programs >

See how ETS works with state education officials and other clients to create custom assessment programs that evaluate student learning.

Educator Licensure and Certification >

Learn how the ETS Educator Series can help you license and certify teachers, principals, superintendents and paraprofessionals.

Formative Assessment >

Get information on ways to measure and improve your students' skills.

Placement/Admissions Programs >

Find out whether students are ready for advanced-level coursework and if they meet your admissions requirements.

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Technology-enhanced Assessments

Technology-enhanced AssessmentsETS works closely with states and the consortia to bring technological innovations to K–12 assessment.


NAEP and ETSETS has assisted the NAEP program in introducing numerous psychometric and assessment design innovations over the years.

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