Comparative Data Reports

After the end of each academic year, ETS prepares tables of comparative data for each test based on the scores of all senior-level students who took the most recent form of a test and who are from institutions where at least five students were tested.

The tables display cumulative data from the date the current form of a test was released. The data is comparative rather than normative, since the sample of institutions and students does not represent all possible types of institutions and departmental curricula.

ETS publishes an ETS® Major Field Tests Comparative Data Guide that provides invaluable information to institutions that want to use robust data to improve their programs. The Guide contains tables of scaled scores and percentiles for individual student scores drawn directly from senior test takers nationwide. The Guide also provides departmental mean scores, as well as any subscores or group assessment indicators that the test may support.

Departmental data can be extremely valuable for planning courses. For institutional purposes such as studying student performance, planning courses and gauging the progress of individual students, comparative data are often more useful than the national data presented in the Annual Comparative Data Guide.

Comparative Data for recently retired forms are available upon request.

For more information about customized comparative data, go to the Reports section.

The following comparative data, statistics and lists of schools administering the Major Field Tests are updated through June 30, 2015. The Score Distribution data and corresponding Schools Administering are included for each subject.

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