California Becomes the 12th State to Approve ETS's HiSET® Program for High School Equivalency

Joins growing number of states offering the affordable, accessible alternative to the GED® test


Princeton, N.J. (August 5, 2014) —

To expand access to high school equivalency testing, the California State Board of Education has approved Educational Testing Service's (ETS) HiSET® program as an affordable alternative to the GED® test.

California is the 12th state to choose the HiSET program, which offers computer- and paper-delivered testing options in English and Spanish to serve the greatest number of candidates.

The announcement follows adoption of the HiSET exam by Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Tennessee and Wyoming in recent months. The number of states, educators, policymakers and employers looking for an alternative high school proficiency exam that includes elements that are critical to providing out-of-school youth and adults with proof of their readiness for higher education or the workplace is expected to grow.

Developed by ETS and Iowa Testing Programs (ITP), the HiSET exam covers the same content areas as the GED® test and will be accepted by institutions in the same way, however, the HiSET program's advantages include:

  • Affordable test fee to keep this valuable credential accessible for candidates, states and educational programs
  • English and Spanish versions of the test
  • Computer-delivered and paper-delivered testing options
  • Flexibility with the use of existing test centers, test prep and curricula
  • Test design and validation by experts in assessment development for fair and reliable results

"ETS welcomes the opportunity to work with educators in California in providing adult learners with an affordable, accessible high school equivalency exam," said John Oswald, Vice President and General Manager, K–12 Student Assessment Programs, ETS. “Keeping test takers in mind, the HiSET exam is designed to be administered with existing resources and the program allows candidates to complete HiSET sections in groups or individually.”

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