ETS's Statement on the TOEFL® Impersonation Case in Hong Kong


(February 25, 2012) —

ETS welcomes the efforts of authorities in Hong Kong who assisted in taking action against individuals who were attempting to take the test on behalf of others during the February 25 TOEFL® test administration. Through the work of ETS’s Office of Testing Integrity, we were able to identify these individuals in advance of the administration and worked very closely with the authorities to help apprehend those arrested. Although such incidents are rare, we take test security extremely seriously and are committed to ensuring fair testing worldwide. Because the situation is being handled by the authorities, we cannot comment further at this time.



美國教育考試服務中心(ETS)歡迎香港有關當局提供協助,對企圖在2月25日托福® (TOEFL®)考試中代考的人士採取行動。通過ETS 的考試質檢辦公室 (Office of Testing Integrity) 的努力,我們在考試前成功確認企圖代考的人士的身份,並一直和有關當局關密合作,協助逮捕上述人士。這次事件屬罕見個案,儘管如此,ETS將繼續以極其嚴謹的態度看待考試的保安,致力為全球考生提供公平的考試。鑒於有關當局正處理事件,我們現階段未能作進一步評論。