ETS® NOTE Assessment Series

NOTE Assessment Series

Transforming teacher assessment

Developed by ETS and TeachingWorks, two leaders in research on effective teaching, the ETS® National Observational Teaching Exam (NOTE) brings to educator testing for licensure a new focus on teaching practice.

To improve how we measure teaching practice, ETS and TeachingWorks are collaborating to create assessments that "look like" teaching. We're using advances in technology that allow these assessments to reflect the field's growing understanding of the knowledge and skills essential to good teaching.

Innovative assessment tasks focused on teaching practice

The NOTE assessment series is designed to focus on high-leverage practices (HLPs) of teaching, a set of classroom instructional practices judged critical to student learning.

NOTE's innovative assessment tasks place candidates “inside” the work of teaching, with performance tasks that put prospective teachers in grade-specific classroom simulations to show their ability to carry out key instructional practices.

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