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What Makes the ETS® NOTE Program Different from Other Assessments?

Transforming assessments from "tell me" to "show me"

Traditionally, licensure assessments have asked teachers to tell us what they know. The groundbreaking ETS® NOTE program asks teachers to show us what they know within an immersive classroom simulation. Using new assessment tools and drawing on the growing understanding of what's critical to effective teaching, the assessment is designed to measure prospective teachers' knowledge and skills as they will be applied in effective teaching.

Using simulation to help you identify teachers who are ready to teach

The NOTE program places candidates "inside" the work of teaching, with performance-based tasks that put them in grade-specific simulated classrooms with student avatars driven by trained simulation experts. Candidates are provided with a set of classroom-teaching scenarios and given the opportunity to engage in multiple high-leverage practices through several performances. Through innovative use of technology, we are able to offer candidates a virtual teaching environment that closely mimics real teaching scenarios.

Fair, focused and forward-thinking

The result is an assessment that captures teaching practice through performance and presents each test taker with a comparable set of instructional challenges — all with the fairness you’ve come to expect from ETS. With the NOTE program, ETS is committed to providing a licensure test that fits with state and teacher educator efforts to focus teacher preparation more directly on teaching practice. The goal is to improve teachers' readiness on day one.