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How the ETS® NOTE Program Is Scored

The Scoring Process

Each ETS® NOTE task is scored by trained, supervised scorers who follow strict scoring procedures.

  • Responses to each task are reviewed and scored by a minimum of two qualified raters, unless inter-rater agreement, or the likelihood of identical ratings between multiple raters, is substantially high.
  • Each response is scored on multiple different dimensions, using a score scale.
  • Scorers assign ratings based on a scale developed for that test by educators who are specialists in the subject area, using a carefully developed rubric.
  • Each task is divided into aspects, and ratings are assigned at the aspect level. The total score is then calculated based on the sum of the aspect scores.
  • The total raw score is then converted to the scaled score scale for reporting, which is developed in collaboration with educators who are specialists in elementary education.

Criteria for Scoring the ETS® NOTE Elementary Education: Practices for Teaching Content Assessment

Modeling and Explaining Content

Candidates are assessed on their ability to:

  • frame the work
  • demonstrate the targeted process, strategy or technique
  • narrate and annotate the demonstration of the process, strategy or technique
  • use language, terminology and representations

Leading Group Discussion

Candidates are assessed on their ability to:

  • prompt participation from all students
  • steer the discussion toward the learning goal(s)
  • represent the content
  • conclude the discussion

Eliciting Student Thinking

Candidates are assessed on their ability to:

  • use questions, prompts and student tasks to elicit student thinking
  • attend to student talk and actions
  • interpret student thinking
  • understand the content