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About the ETS® NOTE Program

About the ETS NOTE Assessment

The ETS® NOTE program brings a new focus on teaching practice to educator licensure testing. This groundbreaking new program uses an immersive classroom simulation to help you demonstrate that you have the knowledge and skills essential for teaching content.

Delivered in a testing center using an interactive workstation, the NOTE program is intended to:

  • assess your performance in the environment of a simulated classroom with classroom-teaching tools
  • give you the opportunity to engage in multiple high-leverage practices through several performances in a series of classroom-teaching scenarios

The result is a program that captures teaching practice through performance, improves your readiness on day one and allows you to show us — not tell us — what you know.

What does it measure?

The NOTE program began with elementary education and will expand into other areas in the future. The ETS® NOTE Elementary Education: Practices for Teaching Content assessment is designed to measure your ability to carry out three high-leverage practices (HLPs) in elementary mathematics and reading and language arts. Learn more about the NOTE Elementary Education assessment and the content it covers.

How can I register?

The NOTE program offers a live, computer-delivered, simulation-based, interactive performance assessment in testing windows that occur several times a year. The online registration system will be available later in 2018, at which point you will be able to register. In the meantime, learn more about registration, test dates and centers.

How can I prepare for the test?

The NOTE program offers a variety of resources, including a study guide, preparation videos, scoring rubrics, practice tasks and more, to help you prepare for the NOTE Elementary Education assessment. See available test preparation materials.

What happens on test day?

Familiarize yourself with policies and procedures related to test day. See On Test Day.

View videos to learn what to expect when you take the NOTE assessment. See Strategies and Tips.

How will I get my scores?

Scores are available in your ETS NOTE account 10–16 business days after the testing window closes. For more information about sending or receiving scores, understanding your scores and scoring policies, see Scores.

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