About the Praxis® Performance Assessment for Teachers (PPAT)

How it works

The PPAT will demonstrate that teacher candidates understand how to:

  • gauge their students' learning needs
  • interact effectively with students
  • design and implement lessons with well-articulated learning goals
  • design and use assessments to make data-driven decisions to inform teaching and learning

Information from the assessment will help identify the areas where candidates have strengths, as well as areas where there are opportunities for professional development.

Test content

Tasks include:

  • Task 1: Knowledge of Students and the Learning Environment
  • Task 2: Assessment and Data Collection to Measure and Inform Student Learning
  • Task 3: Designing Instruction for Student Learning
  • Task 4: Implementing and Analyzing Instruction to Promote Student Learning

The content of this assessment is aligned with InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards. Task 1 is formative and candidates will work with their preparation programs to receive feedback on this task. Scores will be provided for tasks 2, 3 and 4 and as a cumulative score.

See Overview of the PPAT Tasks to learn more.