Getting Started with the ETS® Personal Potential Index

ETS® PPI Steps at a Glance

Step 1
Create an ETS PPI account.
Step 2
Provide contact information for the evaluators. ETS strongly recommends that you ask evaluators in advance whether or not they are willing to provide evaluations.
Step 3
ETS sends an email to each evaluator you designate. The email contains a link enabling the evaluator to log in to the ETS PPI system.
Step 4
Each evaluator logs in to the ETS PPI system to rate you on six personal attributes and provides an overall evaluation. Evaluators also may provide optional comments for each attribute as well as for the overall rating.
Step 5
You are notified via email when each of your evaluations is completed. Once all have been completed, you can log in to the ETS PPI system and designate institutions to receive ETS PPI Evaluation Reports and select the evaluations that are to be included in a report. Up to five evaluations can be included in each report. Check with the program to which you are applying for the number of evaluations they require for inclusion in your report.

Important: Only one ETS PPI Evaluation Report should be sent to each school or program to which you are applying and the report should include ALL of the evaluations that you would like to send. In the unlikely event that you must send a second report to a school or program, be sure to include all of the evaluations that were in the first report as well as any new evaluations you are adding.
Step 6
ETS creates an Evaluation Report and sends it to the institutions you have designated.
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Availability and Fees

  • Anyone applying to graduate, business or professional school can use the ETS PPI system and submit ETS PPI Evaluation Reports.
  • PPI Evaluation Reports can be sent for US$20. If you registered for the GRE® General Test or GRE revised General Test between May 1, 2009, and June 30, 2015, you can send ETS PPI Evaluation Reports to up to four institutions at no charge.

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