Managing Your Account

Adding Evaluators and Sending Requests

  • Once you have created your ETS® Personal Potential Index (ETS® PPI) account, the next step is to add contact information for your evaluator(s). Choose people who can comment on your personal skills and potential for success in graduate, business or professional school, such as faculty members or employers. You may not use friends or family members as evaluators.
  • Before adding contact information for your evaluators, be sure to ask each individual if they are willing to evaluate you in the ETS PPI system. Let them know that the evaluation should take about 15 minutes to complete. Also, confirm that your evaluators have access to email and make sure you have their correct email address. Evaluators without email access will need to contact ETS PPI Customer Service.
  • To add evaluator information, log in to the ETS PPI system and, for each evaluator, enter the name, institution or organization, email address, and requested completion date of the evaluation. You do not have to enter information for all of the evaluators at the same time.
  • You can come back at any time to add additional evaluators, up to a maximum of 25. Up to five evaluators can be included in an evaluation report, and you can include different evaluators in different reports.
  • Once you have entered information for a particular evaluator, click "Send Request to Evaluator." An email message is automatically sent to the evaluator requesting that they complete an ETS PPI evaluation by the date that you designate. In order to ensure that the evaluations are completed in time to be included in the ETS PPI Evaluation Report, you should request that the evaluator complete the evaluation by a date that allows for sufficient processing and delivery time. Evaluation Reports are processed within four business days. Electronically received reports are sent to institutions within four business days from the date you submit your order. ETS mails Evaluation Reports to institutions that receive paper-format reports within seven business days of the date you submit your order.
  • Once an evaluation request has been sent, it cannot be withdrawn. If you change your mind about including the evaluation of a particular evaluator in your ETS PPI Evaluation Reports, you can simply choose not to include it in your reports.
  • If you submit an evaluation request to an evaluator and the evaluator does not respond, confirm that you have the correct email address and/or check with the evaluator directly. If necessary, you can make changes to the evaluator’s contact information if there are errors and then resend the evaluation request.

Managing Your ETS PPI Evaluations

  • The evaluator can accept or decline the request to complete an ETS PPI evaluation. You will receive an email confirmation from ETS indicating whether they have accepted or declined the request.
  • If evaluators accept your requests, they will log in to the ETS PPI system. New evaluators must create an ETS PPI account to complete their evaluation of you. During the account creation, evaluators must e-sign a statement confirming their identity and acknowledge that they have been informed of the potential penalties for misrepresentation.
  • Once evaluators log in to the system, they answer questions about their relationship to you, respond to a series of 24 statements (four for each of the six dimensions) using a 5-point scale that ranges from "Below Average" to "Truly Exceptional," and provide an overall evaluation rating. Evaluators can also provide comments for each dimension as well as for the overall evaluation.
  • You will receive an email from ETS when each evaluator has completed his or her evaluation. The status of evaluation requests also can be viewed in your ETS PPI account under "Manage Evaluators and Evaluation Requests." You will not be able to see any evaluations in the ETS PPI system.
  • Evaluations are available to be included in any ETS PPI Evaluation Report until the ETS PPI is discontinued on July 1, 2016.

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