Why Use the ETS® Personal Potential Index

The higher education community is aware of the importance of non-cognitive skills in a student’s likelihood to persist and succeed in their academic program. Although test scores and transcripts are an important part of the story, they are not the only part and do not provide insight into this dimension of a candidate’s abilities. Having a standardized evaluation of personal attributes, such as resilience, teamwork and communication skills, helps to round out the picture of an applicant and is more truly reflective of their abilities and fit within a program.

The ETS® Personal Potential Index (ETS® PPI) offers key benefits for graduate programs.

ETS PPI helps graduate, business and professional programs to:

  • make better admissions decisions by identifying applicants who are more likely to succeed
  • broaden their applicant pool by providing standardized information on critical personal attributes that complements traditional information, such as test scores, undergraduate grades and letters of recommendation
  • create more diverse and successful graduate programs

Read what graduate schools are saying about ETS PPI:

"I expect the ETS Personal Potential Index to help level the playing field for students who ... have not done particularly well on standardized tests ... Having the ETS PPI evaluation as an option helps to show a broader picture of the applicant — that they’re more than a GRE score." —  Michael J. Sullivan, Director, Hispanic Research Center and Program Director, Project 1000, Arizona State University

"Graduate schools recognize that very talented students do not always post the highest test scores when they complete the baccalaureate degrees. The graduate community needs to continue to reduce barriers to graduate education to allow more underrepresented scholars to join the ranks of the professoriate. To the extent that the ETS PPI evaluation will broaden opportunities for students, it is something that I strongly support." —  Michael L. Jeffries, Associate Dean of Students and Director, McNair Scholars and Minority Student Affairs, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"What’s needed is a clear and defined picture of the full range of personal attributes that are valued as predictors of success in graduate school. Because it brings a degree of objectivity to a rather subjective process, ETS PPI provides an important snapshot that rounds out the candidate’s application ... And with graduate education becoming increasingly important, I expect the ETS PPI evaluation to assist in identifying those students most likely to succeed."
Liora Schmelkin, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies, Hofstra University

To learn how your institution can use ETS PPI Evaluation Reports, view the ETS PPI Product Tour (Flash).

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