Overview of Alaska Testing Requirements

How to Qualify for Certification

For initial certification in Alaska, all candidates must:

While holding an initial certificate, all candidates must:

For complete details on certification requirements, including application forms, teacher education programs and out-of-state application procedures, access the Teacher Certification page of Alaska's Department of Education & Early Development.

Important Information

  • If you test in Alaska, your score report will be sent automatically to the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development. If you test outside of Alaska, select the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development (state code 7027) as a score recipient when you register or on an additional score report request.
  • Beginning with the 2013–14 testing year, ETS is administering a new version of the Health Education test. The test will be offered in a computer-delivered format and the new test code will be 5551. The new test covers the same content as the previous test. However, scores are reported on a different scale, so requirements will vary from previous versions. All scores for discontinued tests are reportable for 10 years from the date the test was taken. Consult the Test Requirements table for specific score requirements.
  • ETS is offering two additional tests in a computer-delivered format that will be introduced throughout the testing year. Visit Test Centers and Dates to find testing centers near you. The computer-delivered versions cover the same content as the paper-delivered versions and are scored on the same scale; however, the computer-delivered tests have different test codes.

    • Speech Communication: Content Knowledge (5221) — December 2013
    • Technology Education (5051) — July 2014
  • Alaska requires a Social Security number (SSN) in order to process teacher certification paperwork. ETS does not require your SSN for its own purposes, but will submit it to Alaska with your test results. Failure to provide your SSN will delay processing of your certification application.

Who Must Take the Tests?

Teacher candidates or those wishing to become certified may be required to take The Praxis Series™ tests.

Prior to entering a teacher education program at your college or university, you may be required to take the Praxis I tests to demonstrate your qualifications.

In Alaska, you may take the Praxis I tests to satisfy the basic competency exam requirement for Initial teacher certification. An approved Praxis II® exam meets the content area exam requirement for Professional Teacher certification.

In Alaska, you may take the appropriate Praxis II as one option toward becoming highly qualified in a specific content area.

In Alaska, you may also add endorsements to your teaching certificate in five areas based on the successful completion of the appropriate Praxis II exams.

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