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Alaska Endorsement Requirements

In Alaska, there are two endorsement methods that involve content area exams.

  1. Teacher Preparation Program: This method is completed through a university or through a state-approved program and includes student teaching. The teacher-preparation program will have associated content area exam(s) as part of the program. This is the only method to add grade levels to an endorsement.
  2. Content Area Exam & Teaching Experience: This method requires two years of teaching experience in the content area and passing scores on the endorsement-related Content Area Exam. Endorsements may only be added where content area exam(s) have been identified. Elementary, Early Childhood Education, Reading, English as a Second Language or Special Education endorsements are not available through this method. Further explanation on Alaska's endorsement criteria can be found on the Alaska Teacher Certification website.

If you test in Alaska, your score report will be sent automatically to the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development. If you test outside of Alaska, select the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development (State Code 7027) as a score recipient when you register or on an additional score report request.

Tests Required for Specific Licensure Areas

Early Childhood and Elementary Education

These tests cannot be used for adding an endorsement via the Content Area Exam and Teaching Experience method.

praxis testing for Alaska
To Be Certified inYou Need to TakeTest CodeQualifying Score
Early Childhood Education Birth–Age 5 Early Childhood Education 5025 *
Elementary Developmental K–8 Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (On-screen scientific calculator provided.) 5018 *
Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment 5017 *
Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects(On-screen scientific calculator provided.) 5001 NA
Reading and Language Arts Subtest 5002 *
Mathematics Subtest(On-screen scientific calculator provided.) 5003 *
Social Studies Subtest 5004 *
Science Subtest(On-screen scientific calculator provided.) 5005 *
* To pass the Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects test you must receive a passing score on each subtest. If you wish to take all four subtests (5002, 5003, 5004, 5005) at the same time, select Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (5001) when registering. If you wish to take or retake an individual subtest, you may register to take just that subtest.
Reading–Elementary Teaching Reading: Elementary Education 5203 *

Middle School Education

praxis testing for Alaska
To Be Certified inYou Need to TakeTest CodeQualifying Score
Middle School 6–8 Middle School: Content Knowledge (Calculator allowed.) 5146 *
Middle School English Language Arts 6–8 Middle School English Language Arts 5047 *
Middle School Mathematics 6–8 Middle School Mathematics (On-screen graphing calculator provided.) 5169 *
Middle School Science 6–8 Middle School Science 5440 *
Middle School Social Studies 6–8 Middle School Social Studies 5089 *

Secondary Education

praxis testing for Alaska
To Be Certified inYou Need to TakeTest CodeQualifying Score
Agriculture Agriculture 5701 *
Algebra I Algebra I(On-screen graphing calculator provided.) 5162 *
Art Art: Content Knowledge 5134 *
Biology Biology: Content Knowledge 5235 *
Business Education Business Education: Content Knowledge (Calculator allowed.) 5101 *
Chemistry Chemistry: Content Knowledge 5245 *
Computer Science Computer Science 5652 *
Earth Science Earth and Space Sciences: Content Knowledge 5571 *
Economics Economics 5911 *
English English Language Arts: Content Knowledge 5038 *
Family and Consumer Science Family and Consumer Sciences 5122 *
General Science General Science: Content Knowledge 5435 *
Geography Geography 5921 *
Government and Political Science Government/Political Science 5931 *
Health Health Education 5551 *
Health and Physical Education Health and Physical Education: Content Knowledge 5857 *
History World and U.S. History: Content Knowledge 5941 *
Journalism The current Journalism test has been discontinued and options are being explored to replace it. Please contact your state for information.
Mathematics Mathematics: Content Knowledge (On-screen graphing calculator provided.) 5161 *
Music Music: Content Knowledge 5113 *
Music: Content and Instruction 5114 *
Physical Education Physical Education: Content Knowledge 5091 *
Physical Education: Content and Design 5095 *
Physical Science Chemistry: Content Knowledge 5245 *
General Science: Content Knowledge 5435 *
Physics: Content Knowledge 5265 *
Physics Physics: Content Knowledge 5265 *
Psychology Psychology 5391 *
Reading–Secondary Teaching Reading 5204 *
Social Studies Social Studies: Content Knowledge 5081 *
Social Studies: Content and Interpretation 5086 *
Sociology Sociology 5952 *
Speech Communication Speech Communication: Content Knowledge 5221 *
Technology Education Technology Education 5051 *
Theatre Theatre 5641 *
Vocational Education Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge (Calculator allowed.) 5511 *

Special Education

praxis testing for Alaska
To Be Certified inYou Need to TakeTest CodeQualifying Score
Special Education–Early Childhood Special Education: Preschool/Early Childhood 5691 *
Special Education Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications 5354 *

World Languages

praxis testing for Alaska
To Be Certified inYou Need to TakeTest CodeQualifying Score
English as a Second Language English to Speakers of Other Languages 5362 *
French French: World Language 5174 *
German German: World Language 5183 *
Spanish Spanish: World Language 5195 *

Alaska also accepts tests for other World Languages not listed above from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages' Oral Proficiency Review and Written Proficiency Test with scores of Advanced Mid-Level or higher on both tests. Please see Tests for World Languages on the Alaska Teacher Certification website.

Alaska also accepts some historical Praxis tests. Please see the Content Area Exams on the Alaska Teacher Certification website.

This page is a supplement to The Praxis® Information Bulletin.

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