Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) Accredited School Counseling Program

General testing information for all applicants may be found in the Overview of Alabama Testing Requirements.

Information regarding the CACREP Approach may be found at Certification Forms.

This approach requires passing the Alabama Educator Certification Testing Program (AECTP) requirements, as well as specific testing associated with CACREP as listed below. Applicants for the issuance of the Professional Educator Certificate based on the completion of the CACREP program must:

  • pass the National Counseling Examination for Licensure and Certification;
  • pass the basic skills assessments required by the AECTP (unless the applicant holds a valid Alabama Professional Educator Certificate or Professional Leadership Certificate); and
  • pass the Praxis II® test(s) as indicated in the chart below.

Individuals who choose to test prior to receiving a letter of eligibility from the Teacher Certification Section of the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) do so at their own risk.

Please Note:

Find the certification area below to determine which test(s) is required. To learn more about a specific test, click the test title. Visit these links to find out how to register for Praxis® tests or to read the Praxis test retake policy.

In general, unless it is specifically stated that a calculator is permitted or required for a particular test, calculators may not be used on Praxiss tests (see Calculator Use).

Scores for the previously offered test will be accepted for some certifications if specific criteria are met. Please see the second table.

praxis testing for Alabama
To Be Certified in You Need to Take Test Code Qualifying Score
School Counseling
Professional School Counselor 5421 151

This test will be accepted if it was taken and passed prior to the listed date, ETS provides a score report directly to the ALSDE, and the application for certification is received in the Teacher Certification Section of the ALSDE by the deadline indicated below.

praxis testing for Alabama
To Be Certified in Test No Longer Offered If Taken
and Passed
Prior to
Prior to
Qualifying Score
School Counseling (P–12) School Guidance and Counseling (0420) 9/1/2012 9/1/2017 520

Alabama State Department of Education

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