Oklahoma Test Requirements

The Praxis I® tests are listed below along with the minimum qualifying scores. To learn more about a specific test, click the test title. Once you know your test(s), find out how to register for Praxis™ tests and read the Praxis test retake policy.

Most tests are offered in both Session 1 and Session 2. Refer to the fees page for tests that are restricted to a particular session.

In general, unless it is specifically stated that a calculator is permitted or required for a particular test, calculators may not be used on any Praxis tests (see Calculator Use).


  • In general, test codes that begin with "5" are delivered in computer format; codes that begin with "0" are delivered on paper.
  • "CDT" refers to computer-delivered tests. "PDT" refers to paper-delivered tests.

Beginning teachers in all content areas must pass all three Praxis I (PPST®) tests in either format. If you wish to take all three computer-delivered Praxis I exams (5710, 5720, 5730) at the same time, select Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Test: Combined Test (5750) when registering. Scores will be reported by individual test (5710, 5720, 5730).

praxis testing for Oklahoma
To Be Certified in You Need to Take CDT Code PDT Code Qualifying Score
All Areas Praxis I Reading 5710 0710 173
Praxis I Writing 5720 0720 172
Praxis I Mathematics 5730 0730 171

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