South Carolina Highly Qualified Status

Visit South Carolina's Office of Educator Services website to find additional information on highly qualified status.

The Division of School Effectiveness also provides Quick Facts about South Carolina's Highly Qualified Teacher Requirements, including answers to:


  • must be highly qualified?
  • is not required to be highly qualified?


  • are the core academic subjects?
  • are the criteria for being highly qualified?
  • types of licenses are acceptable?
  • are the current licensure levels?
  • licenses are required?
  • identifies a teacher as new or veteran?


  • can new or veteran early childhood, elementary or special education teachers demonstrate core content knowledge?
  • can new or veteran middle or secondary school teachers demonstrate core content knowledge?


  • do teachers have to be highly qualified?


  • do the teachers have to be highly qualified?
  • can I get assistance for further questions?

South Carolina Department of Education

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