Verifying Your Scores

If you feel your scores have not been reported correctly or do not accurately reflect your performance, score verification is available for a fee.

Multiple-choice Scoring

Multiple-choice answer sheets are scored by machine, which gives virtually 100-percent scoring accuracy. Note: Score verification is not available for multiple-choice questions on computer-delivered tests because those answers are scored once at the test center, then transmitted to ETS, where they are verified before being reported.

Constructed-response (Essay) Scoring

A trained scorer reviews your answers and score ratings to determine whether they are consistent with the scoring rules established for that test.

How to Request Score Verification

To have a score verified for either a multiple-choice test or a test containing constructed-response questions, download and complete the Score Verification Request Form and send it to ETS with the fee. Fees vary from $40 to $80 depending on the structure and length of the test and are specified on the request form.

Your request must be received within four months of the test date. If there is a change in your reported score, the revised score (which may be higher or lower) will be reported to you and to the recipients of the original score and your verification fee will be refunded. Your test books and answer sheets are not available for disclosure. Please note that your score for a specific test will be verified only once.


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