ETS Recognition of Excellence Award

The ETS Recognition of Excellence (ROE) Award honors test takers who achieve exceptional individual performance on selected Praxis II® tests. It is awarded to test takers who meet or exceed the ROE target score determined by the top 15 percent of candidates who took the test in previous years.

The ROE Award is an incentive to encourage the development of highly qualified teachers and should not be used as a criterion for making decisions about state licensure, hiring or promotions.

If your score is eligible for the ROE, you will automatically receive a certificate from ETS, and the award will be noted on all your score reports.

There are nine Praxis II tests for which you can earn an ROE. Tests and their associated target scaled scores are as follows:

Test Name (Test Code) ROE Qualifying Score
Biology: Content Knowledge (0235 and 5235) 179
Chemistry: Content Knowledge (0245 and 5245) 184
Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (0014 and 5014) 181
English Language, Literature and Composition: Content Knowledge (0041 and 5041) 192
General Science: Content Knowledge (0435 and 5435) 185
Mathematics: Content Knowledge (0061 and 5061) 165
Physics: Content Knowledge (0265 and 5265) 177
Social Studies: Content Knowledge (0081 and 5081) 184

Note: If you earned an ROE score on tests administered within the past 10 years and would like to receive an ROE certificate, download and complete the Recognition of Excellence Request Form. ROE certificates can only be issued for scores earned within the last 10 years. Test takers who take the ROE-eligible Praxis II exams after 2004 will automatically receive their certificates and do not have to submit the form.

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