Praxis® National Advisory Committees (NACs)

The National Advisory Committee (NAC) is a key component in the ETS test development process for all Praxis® and School Leadership Series tests. A NAC is convened to develop a new test or to review and revise the specifications for existing tests. Each NAC typically consists of a diverse group of 12–15 licensed practitioners (i.e., teachers or school leaders) and higher education faculty who are involved in teacher preparation for a particular subject area or licensure test. NAC members are expected to have knowledge of their state and national standards relevant to their licensure area.

ETS selects individuals with the requisite experience and background and ensures that each committee is diverse with respect to gender, race and ethnicity, and state and grade-level representation. The NAC works closely with the ETS assessment specialists on test specifications and test design issues.

NAC meetings take place on the ETS campus in Princeton, New Jersey, or at a nearby hotel or conference center. Meetings typically start on a Friday morning and end after lunch on Sunday. Most NACs will meet twice over the course of a year, and there will typically be some pre-meeting and post-meeting work. Committee members receive an honorarium for each meeting they attend, and all travel and lodging expenses are paid by ETS. Certificates indicating that the meeting provided 20 hours of Professional Development are also provided to NAC members. ETS will also reimburse your school district for a substitute teacher if one is necessary.

Individuals interested in applying to participate in a NAC should email their resume to or fax it to 1-866-577-3180.

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