Texas Frequently Asked Questions

If I am already certified in another state, how do I become certified in Texas?
If you have taken a Praxis II® test and are already certified in a state other than Texas, you must have your credentials reviewed by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). See information on having your credentials reviewed.
I want to be admitted into an Educator Preparation Program (EPP) in Texas. What should I do?
If you live outside the state of Texas, you may be able to take Pre-Admission Content Tests (PACT) for the purpose of entering an EPP in Texas.
Who can take PACT?
You can take PACT if you hold a conferred bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited university. See a list of accredited colleges and universities.
What is the benefit of taking PACT?
You can take a content examination to demonstrate content proficiency for possible entrance into an Educator Preparation Program (EPP) in Texas. Taking PACT does not ensure that you will be admitted into a program. EPPs may have additional admission requirements.
Who cannot take PACT?
If you are already enrolled in an EPP, you cannot take PACT. You must have a conferred bachelor's degree or higher to qualify.
If I am already certified, can I take PACT?
No, if you are certified, you must register as a certified teacher.
What if TExES™ testing is not offered where I live?
If you live outside the state of Texas, you can take PACT for the purpose of entering an EPP in Texas. If the tests you wish to take are not offered through the TExES program, or you do not live in an area where TExES tests are offered, certain Praxis II tests can be taken. See further information about taking PACT through the Praxis™ program.
Which Praxis™ tests can be taken under PACT?
Biology: Content Knowledge (0235/5235); Chemistry: Content Knowledge (0245/5245); English Language, Literature and Composition: Content Knowledge (0041/5041); General Science: Content Knowledge (0435/5435); Mathematics: Content Knowledge (0061/5061); Middle School English Language Arts (0049/5049); Middle School Mathematics (0069); Middle School Science (0439); Middle School Social Studies (0089/5089); Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications (0354/5354).
If I need help studying for a Praxis test, what is available?
Preparation materials, including Study Companions, Study Guides and Practice Tests are available in the Prepare for the Test section of the Praxis website.



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