Texas Test Requirements

Initial Certification

See Individuals Seeking Initial Certification to get testing requirements.

Certified Individuals

If you have taken a Praxis II® test and are certified in a state other than Texas, you must have your credentials reviewed by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). See information on having your credentials reviewed.

Entrance into an Educator Preparation Program (EPP) in Texas

If you live in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico or Mexico, you can take PACT through the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards™ (TExES™) program if the tests you wish to take are offered in your area.

If the tests you wish to take are not offered through the TExES program or you do not live in an area where TExES tests are offered, certain Praxis II® tests can be taken. See the list of tests below.

When you are ready to register, go to the Praxisonline registration system.


  • In general, test codes that begin with "5" are delivered in computer format; codes that begin with "0" are delivered on paper.
  • "CDT" refers to computer-delivered tests. "PDT" refers to paper-delivered tests.

Praxis II Test

You Need to Take CDT Code PDT Code Qualifying Score
Biology: Content Knowledge 5235 0235 Passing scores are determined by the state in which you test.   View Pre-Admission Content Tests passing scores by state for Praxis II tests.
Chemistry: Content Knowledge 5245 0245
English Language, Literature, and Composition: Content Knowledge 5041 0041
General Science: Content Knowledge 5435 0435
Mathematics: Content Knowledge (Graphing calculator required.) 5061 0061
Middle School English Language Arts 5049 0049
Middle School Mathematics(Calculator allowed.) n/a 0069
Middle School Science n/a 0439
Middle School Social Studies 5089 0089
Special Education: Core Knowledge and Applications 5354 0354

n/a — Not available in this delivery method.


The State of Texas

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Praxis Test Centers and Dates

See test centers, dates and deadlines for Praxis computer-delivered and paper-delivered tests.

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