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Promoting safety of students
and trust among staff

The ProEthica® Program

Educators must make decisions daily that can have reputational, legal and financial consequences. Making ethical decisions is more than just choosing what's right over what's wrong. It's often also about finding the path with the least amount of risk for all involved.

Codes of ethics are common in professions that, like teaching, require specialized knowledge, training and formal credentialing. In our increasingly complex world, the need for guidance is urgent for educators who are entrusted with the cognitive, academic and emotional well-being of our students, but who often must rely on their own best guesses as to how to handle potentially difficult situations.

The ProEthica® program, aligned to the Model Code of Ethics for Educators (MCEE), assists teachers and school leaders in applying professional ethics in their practice.

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ProEthica Case Studies

See how the ProEthica program has made a positive impact on the profession in teacher induction programs, for teachers and mentors in school districts and in Educator Preparation programs.

Protecting the Profession: Discussing the Complexities of Educator Ethics (Video)

Watch a panel of education professionals discuss the complexities of educator ethics and the need for a framework to better equip teachers with the tools they need to clarify their roles with students and avoid risk. (1 hr.)
View transcript.

Building on the Model Code of Ethics for Educators (Video)

Hear how the Model Code of Ethics for Educators is paving the way for resources that will support educators in developing their ethical decision-making skills. (3 min., 25 sec.)
View transcript.