ETS® Proficiency Profile Case Studies

Albertus Magnus College
With increasing pressure to demonstrate program effectiveness, Albertus Magnus College chose the ETS® Proficiency Profile to measure its students' general academic skills. "We use the results for our regional and state accreditation purposes, and for State Board of Education approval in our teacher preparation program," said Sister Brantl, Professor of Economics. Test results help shape curriculum changes and developments to provide greater benefits to students.

Morehouse College
When Morehouse College administrators wanted a targeted approach to measuring core curriculum competency levels, they turned to ETS. Using the ETS Proficiency Profile results, the General Education department receives an in-depth analysis of student proficiency and program effectiveness. "Today, these levels of proficiency ... are equated with accountability in student learning," says Dr. Hazel A. Ervin, Director of General Education and Associate Professor of English. Additionally, this knowledge helps drive program enhancements for improved student learning outcomes.

Walters State Community College
Walters State Community College in Morristown, Tenn., needed a reliable, in-depth test to assess critical thinking, reading, writing and math skills of students graduating with associate degrees. Data are used to measure learning outcomes and assess the school’s program effectiveness.

To date, more than 3,050 students have taken the ETS Proficiency Profile. Students cite the test's user-friendly format, and test administrators are pleased with the ease of the testing process.

For more information about whether the ETS Proficiency Profile is appropriate for your institution, contact an ETS Advisor.