ETS® Proficiency Profile Comparative Data for Unproctored Administrations

The comparative data provided below is based on administrations of the ETS® Proficiency Profile using forms approved for administration in an unproctored environment. Note that the use of a nonproctored form does not necessarily occur only in distance learning environments. Campus-based programs often administer unproctored versions of the ETS Proficiency Profile as a matter of convenience.

Statistics are provided by institution type and class level (freshman, sophomore, etc.). Because of the limited number of specialized institutions administering unproctored versions of the test to date, comparative data tables cannot be provided for this institution type. Results from students at institutions with the Carnegie classification of Specialized Institution are included in the "all institution type" reports.

Doctoral/Research Universities I and II

Master's (Comprehensive) Colleges and Universities I and II

Bachelor’s (Liberal Arts) Colleges I and II

Associate Degree Programs/Colleges

All Institution Types

To achieve a more specific reference group for your institution's analyses, you may consider the Custom Comparative Data Report.

For more information about the ETS Proficiency Profile, contact an ETS Advisor.

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