Postdoctoral Fellowship Program


Individuals who have recently earned their doctoral degrees are invited to apply for a unique fellowship experience which combines working on cutting-edge ETS research projects and conducting independent research that is relevant to ETS’ goals. The fellowship is carried out in the ETS offices in Princeton, N.J. The Postdoctoral Fellowship Program seeks to significantly increase the involvement of highly skilled individuals in research and development in the fields listed below.

  • educational measurement and psychometrics
  • validity
  • natural language processing and speech technologies
  • cognitive psychology
  • learning theory
  • linguistics and computational linguistics
  • teaching and classroom research
  • statistics

Program Goals

  • Provide research opportunities to individuals who hold a doctorate in the fields indicated above.
  • Increase the number of professionals from diverse backgrounds — especially traditionally underrepresented groups such as African Americans, Hispanic/Latino Americans, and American Indians — conducting research in educational measurement and related fields.

Duration of Program

The fellowship is for a period of up to two years, renewable after the first year by mutual agreement.


  • Salary is competitive. See frequently asked questions for salary information.
  • $5,000 one-time relocation incentive for round-trip relocation expenses.
  • Employee benefits, vacation, holidays and other paid leave in accordance with ETS policies


  • Doctorate in a relevant discipline within the past three years
  • Evidence of prior research


Selection is based on a candidate's scholarship, alignment of skills and interests to ETS goals and priorities, and the objective and technical strength of the proposed independent research topic. ETS affirmative action objectives are considered.

Frequently Asked Questions


For more information, contact us via email or call 1-609-734-5543.