ETS Policy and Research Reports

ETS provides policy and research publications for students, parents, educators, researchers and policymakers. Browse through these recent publications below, or search reports by keyword, author, title, number or publication date.

  • Angoff Memorial Lecture Series
    Named after distinguished ETS Research Scientist William H. Angoff, this series features reports on public interest issues related to educational measurement. The 14th William H. Angoff Memorial Lecture — Reliability and Validity of Inferences About Teachers Based on Student Test Scores — is now available.
  • ETS Research Report Series
    Reports in this series provide dissemination of ETS research.
  • ETS Research Spotlight
    These publications provide examples of the range of ETS's assessment-related research capabilities.
  • Focus on ETS R&D
    These publications provide interviews and conversations with ETS's experts.
  • GRE® Professional and Research Report Series
    These series encompass a broad spectrum of concerns in graduate education beyond testing.
  • NAEP Technical and Research Report Series
    This series reflects work completed by ETS in connection with the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).
  • Policy Information Center Reports
    The reports published by the ETS Policy Evaluation and Research Center foster policy debate on pressing educational issues.
  • Policy Notes Newsletter
    Published by the ETS Policy Evaluation and Research Center, these newsletters provide summaries of proceedings from research conferences and symposiums.
  • R&D Connections
    Written in nontechnical language, these publications highlight research findings from ETS scientists.
  • Research Monographs
    These research-related publications include booklets, white papers or limited series published by ETS.
  • Salzburg Global Seminar
    Along with ETS, this independent, non-government organization holds sessions that challenge present and future leaders to solve issues of global concern, such as the achievement gap.
  • TOEFL® Technical and Research Reports and Monographs
    These series support the TOEFL Board's research program to further knowledge of language assessment and second language acquisition.
  • TOEIC® Publications
    The TOEIC tests offer a broad array of guides, manuals, handbooks and research reports.

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