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The 14th William H. Angoff Memorial Lecture, "Reliability and Validity of Inferences About Teachers Based on Student Test Scores," was delivered in March 2013 by Edward H. Haertel, Jacks Family Professor of Education at Stanford University. Professor Haertel discussed the reliability and validity of teacher value-added scores, whether they measure what they purport to measure and are free from bias and distortion, and how strongly they relate to other indicators reflecting broader notions of teacher quality or effectiveness.

Download a copy of the published lecture.

View a full-length video (Flash, 1 hour, 58 sec.) of the lecture. Slides are also available from the March presentation. A short video interview (Flash, 6 min. 12 sec.) where Professor Haertel talks about Value-Added Models and other ways of assessing teacher effectiveness is also available.

About the Lecture Series

The Angoff Lecture Series was established in 1994 to honor the life and work of William H. Angoff, an ETS research scientist who distinguished himself as a prominent contributor in the field of educational measurement in more than 40 years at ETS. During that time, Angoff authored some of the classic publications on psychometrics, including the definitive text "Scales, Norms, and Equivalent Scores," which appeared in Robert L. Thorndike's Educational Measurement (2nd edition).

The lecture series honors Angoff's legacy by encouraging and supporting the relatively nontechnical discussion of public interest issues related to educational measurement.

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