Technical Report for the 2000 Market-Basket Study in Mathematics

Mazzeo, John; Kulick, Edward; Tay-Lim, Brenda; Perie, Marianne
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NAEP ETS student achievement market-basket


This technical report presents the goals and design of the 2000 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) market-basket study, describes the analyses that were conducted to produce the prototype NAEP market-basket report card, and presents and discusses results from the study that are pertinent to selected technical and psychometric issues associated with the potential implementation of a market-basket reporting option for NAEP. A market basket is a specific collection of test items intended to be representative or illustrative of a domain of material included in an assessment. Reporting assessment results in terms of the scores on this collection of items and publicly releasing the items are what is typically meant by market-basket reporting. Two market-basket test forms were constructed and administered to nationally representative samples of fourth grade students. Results for a nationally representative sample of students from both sets of projections were compared with each other and with the results actually obtained by directly administering the market basket to separate nationally representative samples. While the two kinds of projection results were generally similar, differences between them, consistent with what one would expect from basic measurement theory, were evident. Furthermore, both sets of projection results were similar, in most cases, to actual results obtained by directly administering the market baskets to separate, randomly equivalent samples. There were, however, some notable differences.

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