Minorities in the Graduate Education Pipeline

Brown, Shirley Vining
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Underrepresentation graduate pool dropouts enrollment degree attainment


This report presents findings on the nature and extent of minority underrepresentation in higher education and describes in some detail the status of minority students at various transition points from high school through graduate school. The scope of the review is limited to the transition to higher education, emphasizing racial/ethnic differences in the extent to which minorities are underrepresented by examining (I) high school completion and dropout rates and the association between high school programs and graduate/professional study; (2) trends in enrollment; (3) trends in degree attainment; (4) the composition and size of the minority talent pool; and (5) the transition points where the magnitude of loss is greatest. Black and Hispanic students are the groups of primary interest; however, data on American Indian and Asian-American students are reported where available.

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