ETS Policy Notes — Highlights from the ETS African American Education Seminar

Gordon, Edmund W.; Frede, Ellen; Irvine, Jacqueline Jordan
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Minority issues ethnicity African American students achievement gap college enrollment retention of minority students affirmative action preschool education teacher quality


This issue of ETS Policy Notes (Volume 12, No. 2) provides details on the ETS seminar, African American Education and Achievement: Progress Made, Challenges Ahead, held on October 3, 2004, in Princeton, NJ. The day-long event, which drew more than 100 education and public affairs professionals, assessed the challenges facing African Americans in all levels of education, including access to high-quality prekindergarten, elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education; the progress made in closing the achievement gap; and the challenges facing colleges and universities in their efforts to enroll, retain, and graduate these students. Three of the presentations are highlighted in this issue: "Affirmative Student Development: Closing the Achievement Gap by Developing Human Capital," by Edmund W. Gordon, the Richard March Hoe Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University and the John M. Musser Professor of Psychology Emeritus, Yale University; "Closing the Gap at the Starting Gate: Why the Court Ordered Preschool Education" by Ellen Frede, assistant to the commissioner, Office of Early Childhood Programs, New Jersey State Department of Education; and "African American Teachers' Perceptions of Their Role as Teachers of African American Students: The Unexamined Variable" by Jacqueline Jordan Irvine, the Charles Howard Candler Professor of Urban Education, Emory University. Another presentation has been published as a Policy Information Perspective titled "Affirmative Action and Diversity: The Beginning of the End? Or the End of the Beginning?" by Mark R. Killenbeck, the Wylie H. Davis Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Arkansas. Other participants in the seminar included Henry Braun and Catherine M. Millett, ETS; M. Christopher Brown, Frederick D. Patterson Research Institute; and Eugene Y. Lowe, Northwestern University. This issue also announces the creation of the Edmund W. Gordon Chair for Policy Evaluation & Research by the ETS Board of Trustees.

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