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This issue of ETS Policy Notes (Volume 1, No. 1) provides seven articles dealing with recent developments in educational research. The first article, "Black College Faculty: A Dwindling Resource," discusses the relative lack of black college teachers and the declining interest of new black Ph.D.s in careers in academia. The second article, "Introducing the ETS Policy Information Center," presents the Center's purpose, namely, to focus the capacity and resources of the organization on pressing educational issues and to enhance the public policy debate. The third article, "Who's Going to Graduate and Professional Schools?" details the decline in graduate school attendance and the trend toward attending professional schools. The fourth article, "What's Wrong with This Picture?" analyzes a graph distributed by a federal agency that distorts the educational productivity of the nation. The fifth article, "State Profiles of Educational Standards Updated," gives highlights from the new report "State Educational Standards in the 50 States: An Update," by E. Goertz. The sixth article, "Report Highlights College Minority Retention Programs," is a review of a study on minority retention in higher education by B. C. Clewell and M. S. Ficklen. The seventh article, "New Studies Montior Talent Flow into Technical Fields," considers two studies of trends among students planning to major in mathematics, science, or engineering. ED 338 632


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