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Preschool socioeconomic status preparation for school early education Hispanic students family influences


This issue of ETS Policy Notes (Volume 4, No. 2) explores the impact of school readiness upon young students in four articles. The first, "Exploring Children's Early Care and Learning Experiences," looks at existing blockades to making educational opportunities accessible to all children starting school. The second article, "Viewpoint on School Readiness" by Irving Sigel, explores what it means for a young student to be ready to enter school. The third article, "Home Factors that Influence the School Readiness of Chicano Children," examines the characteristics of home and family environment that appear to shape the development of Hispanic children. The fourth article, "Parent and Preschool Factors that Influence Children's School Readiness," studies how the perceptions of what preschool should offer young children held by parents and teachers of varying socioeconomic statuses affects how children are prepared for later academic and social success.


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