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This issue of ETS Policy Notes (Volume 8, No. 1) highlights some of the viewpoints, research, and data presented at the 1996 ETS Invitational Conference on Latino Education Issues, a conference made possible by Dialogo, an ETS Latino staff group. This issue showcases the presentations made by four nationally recognized scholars with first-hand experience with Latino issues. The presentations are: "Latinos and Education: An Overview of Sociodemographic Characteristics and School Conditions," by Richard R. Valencia from the University of Texas at Austin; "Preparing Teachers and Administrators to Serve the Needs of Latino Students," by Margarita Calderon from Johns Hopkins University; "Students' Pathways to Higher Education: Policy Lessons Learned from the Latino Eligibility Study," by Alda Hurtado from the University of California at Santa Cruz and Eugene E. Garcia from the University of California at Berkeley; and "Improving Classroom Instruction for Latino Elementary School Students: Aiming for College," by Richard P. Duran, Francisca Escobar, and Michele Wakin from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

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