R&D Connections — Why Bother with Research When We Have Common Sense?

Bridgeman, Brent
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education, tests, admissions tests, extra time, assessment research, high-stakes decisions, SAT scores, scoring, multiple-choice tests, African-American students, Hispanic students, hand-written essays, grade point average, computer based scoring, computer-based test delivery, human scores, machine scores


The author of this essay takes on several common myths and misunderstandings surrounding educational tests, which can impact high-stakes decisions, such as whether a student will be admitted to a desired education or profession. The author addresses six claims about tests, which often are said to rest on “common sense.” However, these claims are mostly based on common misunderstandings, urban legends, or outright nonsense, the author writes, while offering an alternative view based on scientific research. This is the 20th edition in the R&D Connections series.

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