Test Takers' Attitudes About the TOEFL iBT™

Stricker, Lawrence J., Attali, Yigal
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Report Number:
RR-10-02; TOEFLiBT-13
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Subject/Key Words:
TOEFL iBT attitudes survey China Columbia Egypt Germany


The principal aims of this study, a conceptual replication of an earlier investigation of the TOEFL® computer-based test, or TOEFL CBT, in Buenos Aires, Cairo, and Frankfurt, were to assess test takers’ reported acceptance of the TOEFL Internet-based test, or TOEFL iBT™, and its associations with possible determinants of this acceptance and with test performance; evaluate differences in the pattern of results for test takers from different countries; and compare the findings with those for the TOEFL CBT. A questionnaire concerning attitudes about the test and other relevant variables was administered by the Internet to TOEFL iBT examinees in 4 diverse countries with large testing volumes: China, Colombia, Egypt, and Germany. Overall attitudes about the TOEFL iBT were moderately positive in most countries, but neutral in Germany; attitudes about the Listening and Writing sections of the test were uniformly favorable in every country; but attitudes about the Speaking section were consistently less favorable in all countries and were unfavorable in Germany and Colombia. Attitudes about the test had similar patterns of relationships in the 4 countries: moderate correlations with attitudes about admissions tests in general, slight and inconsistent correlations with TOEFL performance and computer anxiety, and minimal correlations with other variables. All in all, these results were very similar to those in the earlier investigation, with 1 exception: the previous study found uniformly moderate positive attitudes about the TOEFL CBT in the 3 countries surveyed.

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