The Stability of the Score Scales for the SAT Reasoning Test™ From 2005 to 2010

Guo, Hongwen; Liu, Jinghua; Curley, Edward; Dorans, Neil
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scale drift, test equating, equating error, SAT® test


This study examines the stability of the SAT Reasoning Test™ score scales from 2005 to 2010. A 2005 old form (OF) was administered along with a 2010 new form (NF). A new conversion for OF was derived through direct equipercentile equating. A comparison of the newly derived and the original OF conversions showed that Critical Reading and Mathematics score scales have experienced, at most, a moderate upward scale drift (no greater than 5 points on average), and the drift may be explained by an accumulation of random equating errors. The Writing score scale has experienced a significant upward scale drift (11 points on average), which may be caused by sources other than random equating errors.
Key words: scale drift, test equating, equating error, SAT® test

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