A Study of the Effects of Special Preparation on GRE Analytical Scores and Item Types

Swinton, Spencer S.; Powers, Donald E.
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Coaching performance factors scores


A brief curriculum of special preparation for the analytical section of the GRE Aptitude Test was developed and administered to a sample of self-selected GRE candidates at a large eastern university. Students' reactions to the materials and procedures used were obtained. The effects of the program on analytical scores were determined by comparing the scores subsequently obtained by the candidates who undertook special preparation with the scores of all the other candidates who took the test on the same date at the university. Analyses revealed an effect on analytical scores that was both practically and statistically significant. The effect stemmed from improved performance on two of the three analytical item types included in the 1977-1981 analytical section. Hypothesis concerning the components of the special preparation that were responsible for the improvement are discussed.

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