A Comparative Analysis of TOEFL® Examinee Characteristics, 1977-1979

Wilson, Kenneth M.
Publication Year:
Report Number:
RR-82-27, TOEFL-RR-11
Document Type:
Subject/Key Words:
College bound students foreign students performance factors student characteristics


This report presents findings of a study, based on data from TOEFL® program files, of the characteristics and the TOEFL test performance of foreign nationals from more than 100 countries who took the TOEFL test from September 1977 through August 1979 and reported that they were doing so to implement plans to study in the United States or Canada. Variables examined include sex, age at time of most recent testing, native language, country of residence at time of most recent testing, level of intended degree program, intended graduate field of study (graduate-degree aspirants only), previous TOEFL testing, and pattern of score reporting. Trends across native country contingents in relationships between performance on the TOEFL test and various examinee characteristics are described and evaluated.


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