Trends & Profiles: Statistics About GRE® General Test Examinees by Sex and Ethnicity. Supplementary Tables

Grandy, Jerilee
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Background test takers


This is Volume 2 of a two-volume set of statistics on GRE® test takers. (The first volume is RR-94-01.) This volume contains the following supplementary tables: 1) Number and Percent of College Seniors Taking the GRE General Test and Specifying an Intended Graduate Major; 2) Trends in the Number and the Educational Status of GRE Examinees Planning to Attend Graduate School; 3) Number and Percent of 1991-92 GRE Examinees in Each of Nine Broad Undergraduate Areas; 4) Rank Ordering of Broad Areas of Graduate Study by Gender and Ethnic Group: 1982 versus 1992; 5) The Top Five Specific Fields of Intended Graduate Study by Gender and Ethnic Group: 1988 versus 1992; 6) Intended Areas of Graduate Study of 1991-92 GRE Examinees Who Earned at Least a "B" Average in Their Major; 7) Highest Degree Planned by 1991-92 Examinees Within Each Area of Intended Graduate Study; 8) Number and Mean GRE Scores of 1991- 92 Examinees Planning Graduate Work in Each of Nine Broad Areas of Study; and 9) The Top 100 Institutions Attended by GRE Examinees.

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